Extra wild blackberry jam


Extra jam prepared with wild blackberries, sugar cane* and lemon juice*.

Format gives 212 g

Nutritional indications**

Energy value 675 Kj / 161 Kcal
Amount of fruit per 100 g of product: 105 g
Sugar content totals for 100 g of product: 39 g

The fruit of blackberries looks like a small drupe, which gradually changes color from bright red to intense black when ripe. It is harvested by hand between the end of July and August, and immediately transformed to preserve the intense flavor of the freshly picked fruit.

An extra soft and pasty consistency is obtained, to which is added a crunchy note due to the presence of the seeds deliberately left to remember the natural contrast of the fruit.


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Use and combinations

It is the jam par excellence of breakfast. Excellent spread on toasted bread and, for the most greedy, accompanied with curls of butter. Amazing for the preparation of fragrant tarts or spoon desserts. Finally, it is noteworthy if combined with fresh sheep ricotta and goat cheeses to enhance the flavor.


It is a low calorie fruit but rich in sugars, fiber and mineral salts (sodium, football, potassium and iron). The vitamin content is also very interesting, especially C and A.
The generic name, of ancient use, could derive from the Latin ‘ruber’ (rosso) for the red color of the fruits of some species of the same genus (like raspberry); the specific name refers instead to the leaflets a little’ asymmetrical similar to those of elm.
The sweetest flowers and fruits are a source of nourishment for various insect species, birds and small mammals such as the dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius), which often builds nests right inside these wild shrubs.


*From organic farming
**The nutritional values ​​reported are essentially average values and best represent the quantities contained in the product, but small variations due to the seasonality of the product must be taken into consideration, the different degree of ripeness of the fruit used and other factors that may slightly modify the parameters of the individual lots.

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