Acacia flower syrup


Acacia flower syrup prepared with lemon, apple cider vinegar* and granulated sugar*.

Format gives 200 ml

Nutritional indications**:

Energy value 813 Kj / 194 Kcal
Flowers used per 100 g of product: 8,5 g
Sugar content totals for 100 g of product: 48 g

The white or cream colored acacia flowers are found gathered in cluster inflorescences. The syrup is obtained from the collection of the entire inflorescence which is then shelled to leave the individual flowers with an intense aroma. From the transformation into syrup he obtains a thick liquid, very full-bodied with a sweet and refreshing taste reminiscent of acacia honey.


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Use and combinations

Acacia syrup is a drink with a sweet but delicate taste and a flowery scent, so it lends itself well to cold preparations because it does not cover the other flavors. Being concentrated it must be diluted to be appreciated. Dissolved in water (100 ml of product for 1 liter) you get a refreshing drink, slush or popsicle. It can also be used in small quantities as a sweetener instead of sugar, for the preparation of cakes, homemade ice cream, hot drinks or light cocktails, releasing in addition to the sweet note typical of syrups an intense aroma of the freshly picked flower.


The "Robinia pseudoacacia”Is so named in honor of Jean Robin (1550-1629), herbalist and pharmacist of the French kings, who had been charged with organizing the Botanical Garden of the University of Paris, thus introducing this plant native to America for the first time in Europe.
Nectarifera ornai species naturalized in Italy constitutes the source of nourishment for many pollinating insects, api, bombi e lepidotteri. Once, Robinia leaves were used as a cornerstone of the diet of farm rabbits and in general of all ruminants.


*From organic farming
**The nutritional values ​​reported are essentially average values and best represent the quantities contained in the product, but small variations due to the seasonality of the product must be taken into consideration, the different degree of ripeness of the fruit used and other factors that may slightly modify the parameters of the individual lots.

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