Strawberry tree jam


Jam prepared with spontaneous strawberry tree fruits, sugar cane * and lemon juice *.

Format gives 40 g

Nutritional Indications **

Energy value 913 Kj / 215 Kcal
Amount of fruit per 100 g of product: 110 g
Total sugar content per 100 g of product: 47 g

This fleshy fruit with the characteristic rough and tuberculous surface is hand-picked close to autumn when the fruits when fully ripe reach a dark red color.

From the fruit you get a pulpy unfiltered jam with a strong flavor which thanks to the presence of the seeds totally recalls the particular graininess of the freshly picked fruit.


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Use and combinations

It can be enjoyed alone at any time of the year or accompanied with fresh ricotta from sheep and goat cheeses to enhance the flavor. We suggest using it to enrich exquisite spoon desserts.


The strawberry tree is an evergreen plant typical of the Mediterranean scrub. The tree bears fruit and blooms in autumn and this detail makes it particularly appreciated in gardens where it can be easily grown. It is no coincidence that it has several dialectal names in our region from "lellarone" to "cerasa marina".
The scientific name has Latin derivations, namely arbutus = sour bush e unedo = I only eat one. Probably for the judgment of Pliny the Elder who seems not to appreciate the taste of the fruits and "did not want to eat more than one".
Fruits contain up to 400 mg of vitamin C and many polyphenols with antioxidant properties.
The leaves of this plant are chosen by the colorful nymph of the strawberry tree (Charaxex jasius) for spawning.


*From organic farming
**The nutritional values ​​reported are essentially average values and best represent the quantities contained in the product, but small variations due to the seasonality of the product must be taken into consideration, the different degree of ripeness of the fruit used and other factors that may slightly modify the parameters of the individual lots.

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