Extra rosehip jam


Extra jam prepared with only wild rosehip berries, sugar cane* and lemon juice*.

Format gives 40 gr

Nutritional indications**:

Energy value 1102 Kj / 259 Kcal
Amount of fruit per 100 g of product: 115 g
Sugar content totals for 100 g of product: 46 g

This fruit is harvested by hand after winter frosts, which wither and mature making it become a slightly opaque deep red color.
From the harvest a pulpy jam with a strong flavor is obtained which maintains the consistency and taste of the freshly picked fruit.


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Use and combinations

It can be enjoyed alone or accompanied with fresh sheep's ricotta and aged cheeses to enhance the flavor. Excellent for enriching exquisite spoon desserts.


The name "canina" seems to refer to the ancient use of the root which, through decoctions, healed anger from dog bites.
The fresh fruit is rich in Vitamin C and can be used to strengthen the immune system. This berry is used as a source of nourishment, from many animal species, and for some it is essential to face the winter, as in the case of the Hawfinch (Coccothraustes coccothraustes) that at the end of autumn, before settling for only acorns, stock up on these colored fruits.


*From organic farming
**The nutritional values ​​reported are essentially average values and best represent the quantities contained in the product, but small variations due to the seasonality of the product must be taken into consideration, the different degree of ripeness of the fruit used and other factors that may slightly modify the parameters of the individual lots.

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