Extra myrobalan jam


Extra jam prepared with myrobalan, sugar cane* and lemon juice*.

Format gives 212 g

Nutritional indications**:

Energy value 879 Kj / 210 Kcal
Amount of fruit per 100 g of product: 155 g
Sugar content totals for 100 g of product: 52 g

The myrobalan is a spontaneous plum whose fruits are harvested by hand in the middle of summer, when the sugar part has reached the right concentration and contrasts the acidulous taste typical of this fruit. The transformation therefore results in an extra jam with a soft and sweet consistency, but also full-bodied on the palate due to the presence of fibers that are not totally degraded by processing, fully maintaining the properties of the freshly picked fruit.


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Use and combinations

It is the jam par excellence of breakfast, intense and pungent flavor. Excellent spread on crusty bread and for the preparation of baked desserts. Do not miss the combination with aged and blue cheeses. Thanks to the slightly sour taste, it is also excellent when combined with game.


Myrobalan (Prunus cerasifera) it is a species native to the Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor; introduced into the Mediterranean by the Romans around 150 a.C.. today it is widespread and cultivated in practically all temperate climates. It is a rustic species that has become wild (in its original form), similar to the European plum so much that the plant is used with excellent results as a rootstock for various stone fruit (susino, mandorlo, apricot-tree).
It is in fact a plant that never failed in the courtyards of country houses, for its abundant spring flowering and copious fruit production.
The fruit contains vitamins A-B1-B2 and C and some mineral salts, including especially potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Particularly appetite from insects, birds and mammals, this fruit represents an interesting attraction for particularly greedy boars and foxes that supplement the diet in times of food shortages.


*From organic farming
**The nutritional values ​​reported are essentially average values and best represent the quantities contained in the product, but small variations due to the seasonality of the product must be taken into consideration, the different degree of ripeness of the fruit used and other factors that may slightly modify the parameters of the individual lots.

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